On the Farm Patterns

A Sheep for Ewe

Aerial Pig

Amigurumi Baby Pig

Amigurumi Chick 

Amigurumi Momma Chicken 

Amigurumi Pig - Lion Brand

Amigurumi Pig

Baby Lamb

Barnyard Cow Slippers

Crochet a Horse

Crochet a Lamb

Crochet Lamb and Duck Toys

Easter Chicken

Easter Lamb

Fluffy Lamb Pillow

Flying Pig

Flying Piggy

Goofy Looking Cow

Granny Chicken

Granny Cow

Granny Pig

Heloise Hen

Horse with Saddle

Japanese Amigurumi Pig

Kounting Sheep

Lil Lamb and Ram

Little Crochet Piggy

Little Lamb

Little Lamb Egg Cozy 

Little Pig

Lucky Sheep


Pig & Piglet

Piggy Bank

Piggy Cellphone Ornament

Pig Pillow

Naked Sheep

Sleeping Baby Sheep

Stuffed Donkey

Sumo Piggies Wrestling

Swine Flu Pig

Trusty Old Dobbin Hobby Horse