Doll Patterns

Abby NCIS Doll

Alice in Wonderland

Amigurumi Dude

Amigurumi Sprite Dolls

Bryan doll

Candice's Dolly

Captain Andrew Rag Doll

Cotton Doll

Dawn Doll

Flower Dolls

Fuji Dolls

Gnome Doll

Granny Square Angels

Lily Doll

Little Dolls

Little Ninja

Little People

Little Santa

Max of the Wild Rumpus

Ninth Doctor Who Doll

Nun Figurine

Ogilvy Dolls

Party Girl

Peter and Pernille

Peter Pumpkin

Pocket Pirate (Female)

Pucca Doll

Rag Dolls

Rose "Back to the '50s" Doll

Rose Tyler Doll

Sam the Skater

Scarecrow Doll

Shelly girl

Small All in One Doll

Small Doll for Charity


Square Dancing Doll

Tenth Doctor Who Doll

Toad and Toadette

Too Cute dolls

Urbis the Graffiti Guy

Voodoo Doll

Witch Hazel